A Jesuit's Journey  

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(Formerly "The Wounded Knower") This is a blog dedicated to sharing the unfolding story of my Jesuit vocation and journey. Along the way I'll share my faith, my stories, my thoughts, and my love of Irish music. Please join me as I explore what it means to be a Companion of Jesus in today's church. (Disclaimer: any opinions expressed are solely the blogger's and do not intend to represent the feelings/thoughts/positions of the Society of Jesus)

Author: Ryan Duns, SJ 
Age: 28 
Gender: Male 
Industry: Religion 
Occupation: Jesuit Scholastic Studying at Fordham University Location: Bronx : New York : United States

I'm a Jesuit from the Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus. I entered on August 21, 2004. Prior to entering the Jesuits, I earned a BA in Religious Studies from Canisius College and an MA in Religious Studies from John Carroll University. I was also a professional Irish musician and teacher, and I play the accordion at various Irish dancing competitions (feiseanna). Part of my ministry involves studying philosophy and teaching the course "Introduction to the Irish Tin Whistle" at Fordham University.

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